Saturday, July 3, 2010


It’s disheartening for me to read the responses to most political blogs. There’s a disturbing trend in American thought. It’s the idea that the Nazis were socialist. These ideas are being fostered by the likes of Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh.

The National “Socialist” German Workers’ Party was originally called the German Workers’ Party. They were opposed to non-nationalist political movements, especially lefties like the Social Democratic Party of Germany and the Communist Party of Germany. They were fighting Bolshevism and “international Jewry”.

The Socialist in their name was an attempt at populism.

I’ve been reading a lot of right wing revisionism and it’s getting scary. There’s a myth that the expression “concentration camp” was coined by Lenin. It goes back at least as far as the Boer War in South Africa at the turn of the 20th century.

The plain truth is that Hitler was right wing, accept it! The left got Stalin so it’s a draw.

Clair McCaskill recently suspended staff member Bob Burns for a week without pay. He drew an analogy between Tea Party meeting disrupters and Nazi Brown Shirts. The Tea party people were outraged. “It’s good old American free speech!”

I drew the same analogy. These people were denying others their right to free speech. Their bullying was leading to violence. They carried their guns to events to intimidate. These were Brown Shirt tactics.

We have a wave of ignorance rising in our country that’s being reinforced by historical revisionists. Do we even teach history in school anymore?

We’re living in an age that wants to teach Creationism as science. Why are the ignorant so outraged?

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