Saturday, July 24, 2010

Naked and Alone

My friend Jamie commented that he sees no difference between the Republicans and the Democrats. He believes both parties “simply work to get re-elected and bring pork back to their home states”.

Jamie has a cooler head than I do. I would say that I hate both parties!

Unfortunately bringing pork back to their home state is part of the job description. Members of congress are elected to represent their home states and that automatically puts them at odds with a lot of federal policies.

I do see a very basic philosophical difference between the parties. The Republicans are the party of property and the Democrats are the party of people. These different points of view seem impossible to reconcile. All we can do is try to find common ground.

As for the Libertarians------ Limited government is impossible with a society as large as ours. We have common needs. We need infrastructure, public education, cops, firemen and other first responders, rational defense and, as far as I’m concerned, public health.

What is fiscal responsibility? Most economists would argue this is absolutely the wrong time to worry about the deficit. We need jobs first. Look what happened in 1937. And don’t believe the spin Rush and others are trying to put on that.

Our mania about free market has the banks worried more about investing than banking. We’ll never get jobs if the banks won’t lend to small businesses. I hear people defending this practice. Small business loans didn’t get us into this mess. I believe the banks want the economy to fail as long as Obama is in office so he can’t impose regulations.

Violence in Arizona has been going down for the last 30 years yet people there keep saying “we have to do something about the violence at our border!” The violence they’re talking about are the cartels bringing up drugs that we want and us taking down guns that they want. Isn’t that free market?

Fascism should be as scary as socialism in our vocabulary but it simply isn’t. We have to accept the fact that we’re social animals. Like I keep saying, we’re like dogs in that respect. We’re a weak species and we need to work together to survive. We never would have made it this far naked and alone.

I originally had a photo of a naked man in a forest. Blogger must have deemed it pornographic. All you saw were his butt cheeks. Oh well!

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