Saturday, March 6, 2010

Corporate Shill?

Amerin UE aired commercials last year that gave the impression they were implementing carbon capture in their coal fired power plants today. That technology is still at least ten years down the road.

Now that Americans don’t think we can have a negative effect on our environment they don’t even bother with these kinds of ads and I bet carbon capture will never happen.

I had a delivery last week that took me to a coal fired coal plant that is under construction in Southern Illinois. I spent an hour dealing with the bureaucracy it took just to get in. In that time I got pretty chummy with some folks there. We were joking and generally having a pretty good time.

They told me the plant was going do great things for the economy of Southern Illinois. They were probably going to reopen a lot of coal mines.

Without even thinking I casually asked about carbon capture. The atmosphere totally changed. They were no longer friendly and wouldn’t even make eye contact.

When I got back to my company’s warehouse I told my dispatcher about the sudden chill. She said they probably thought I was a spy.

Obama is getting behind subsidizing Nuclear power plants to cut down on our carbon footprint. There is still no place to dispose of the spent fuel rods. These rods are beginning to pile up and Yucca Mountain is, in Obama’s words, off the table. God I hate that expression..

Nuclear power plants are ridiculously expensive and wind power is making incredible strides without subsidies.

I really am beginning to think Obama is a corporate shill. What the Hell is he thinking?

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