Sunday, October 11, 2009


I drove around all day Friday listening to the radio. People were calling in the talk shows to voice how sickened they were about Obama’s Nobel Peace prize.

The prize was Europe’s reaction to our emergence from the eight years of bull headed unilateralism of the previous administration.

It’s sad that so many people not only don’t know about our image around the world but don’t care. Good Christians who believe if you don’t live inside our borders you can go to Hell.

Maybe Obama didn’t deserve the prize but he didn’t ask for it either. Not to mention, more than anyone else on the planet, he’s in a position to make world peace a reality.

I personally think he’s too pragmatic to make a difference. I suspect he has a little hawk in him too which makes me nervous. Maybe it’s the only way, I don’t know.

We live in a world where 98.5 percent of experts believe people have a negative effect on our environment. We give equal time to the 1.5 percent that don’t. It’s become a controversial issue.

There are folks that are angry with the Nobel people for trying to influence events. They’re appalled that Oslo has a political agenda.

They do-------- Peace!

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