Sunday, October 18, 2009

What We're Facing

Last week my kids and I went to a visitation at a funeral home in Florissant. My ex father in law’s best friend, Art, had just died. Art had been fighting cancer for 2 years. He helped us a lot when we were fixing up our first house. There were a lot of people there and we didn’t know anyone.

My old in laws, Bud and Judy, arrived. Naturally we hung with them. Bud told me that one of Art’s kids was just in from the military and had broken his foot. He said the kid tried to get treated at Scott Air Force Base’s hospital. They denied treatment because he had already bought some kind of commercial insurance. Bud told me he almost wasn’t treated because of government red tape. “If Obama gets his way that’s the way health care will be for all of us,” he said.

I told him the Health Bill had gotten so corrupted, it’s all over anyway. “What we really need is a single payer system,” I said.

“Yeah then it would be as bad as Canada,” he said.

I told him my Canadian friends were appalled about the misinformation being spread about their system. They thought our system was totally barbaric.

Bud closed me off immediately. I could see he had nothing to say to me anymore.

The disinformation campaign of the people making all the money from our ridiculous health system has done its job. Normally sweet people like Bud will never be shaken from their convictions about evil, bloated, incompetent big government.

The democrats, wanting a filibuster proof majority, supported blue dog democrats from conservative states. We would have done better with the centrist republicans that were already there. They were way more open to compromise and bipartisan politics.

It’s healthy to be skeptical about government but you have to watch out for big business too. They’re the real power in our society. Unfortunately people like to follow and are easily mislead.

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