Sunday, January 11, 2009


Abortion is an issue where I begin to lose friends.

I asked an attorney I was working for why it was the U.S. refused to pay U.N. dues because republicans objected to the abortion policies of some countries. After all, it’s the law of the land here. He said slavery was legal here once. I hear this response a lot when people object to a law.

I was stopped in the lobby of my ex’s church by a woman trying to raise money for a rally outside an abortion clinic in Florida. I told her I believed in a woman’s right to choose. She looked at my 4 year old son and said, “It’s lucky for you your folks didn’t murder you.”

I was getting drunk at the Cat’s Meow in Soulard with my friend Margaret. Somehow we started talking politics. I’d known her for years and this was the first time we did. Man, you never know.

She said abortion was totally unacceptable. I told her it wasn’t black and white. There were circumstances where it might be necessary and it wasn’t up to the rest of us to decide for an individual. She assured me it was black and white. This was a couple of years ago and we haven’t really spoken since. I’m sad about that because we were close once.

A fetus doesn’t experience pain or have self awareness for the first trimester. The brain and central nervous system haven’t developed yet. This has been determined. The horror people have of abortion at this stage is because they believe in a human soul. Potential life isn’t realized life. Of course once the child has developed we’re prejudiced and can’t remove the child’s personality.

People that get their ya ya’s off shooting animals in the woods are killing beings with a far greater developed level of consciousness. I bet the majority of these people are pro life. I bet they were behind this stupid war, too.

I’m pro life too but I believe in contraception. It would be great if abortion was eliminated with education. Teaching abstinence only to a 14 year old is ridiculous.

The elephant in the room is overpopulation.

Two German scientists developed a process for the manufacture of ammonia in W.W.I. After the war this process led to the development of nitrogen fertilizer. Food production increased dramatically. I read somewhere that without this process world population would be about 2 1/2 billion. We’ll be at 9 billion by 2050. Our population has tripled in my lifetime.

When people bring up overpopulation on the radio there’s always some idiot talking about their God given right to reproduce. I think this is incredibly selfish and arrogant. We need to limit our reproduction. Education is viewed with suspicion. Maybe Obama can change this perception. At least he talks a good game.

I’m pro choice and you can’t choose if you’re ignorant.

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