Saturday, January 17, 2009

Breast Cancer

I’ve been hearing people call local talk radio complaining that the House and Senate S-CHIP bill (State Children's Health Insurance Program) that Obama would sign is just one step closer to single payer health care.

I hope to God it is!

It blows my mind how brain washed people have become about universal health care.

I pointed out to my ex that doctors are angered by the expense and hassle insurance companies make them go through. She said that people would lose jobs if it weren’t for the administration of these ridiculous policies.

The public has been duped by lobbyists that use the threat of socialism and anything else they can think of.

Right now women with breast cancer have to drive home groggy with anesthesia after a mastectomy. Insurance companies won’t pay for their hospital stay. This is in spite of objections from  doctors.

A bill called “The breast cancer patient protection act” is before Congress that would require insurance companies to cover 48 hours of hospital stay. Lifetime Television has a petition we should all sign. Please click on the link, it's very short.

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