Saturday, January 31, 2009


I’m getting that sense of hopelessness again. Obama caved to conservatives regarding the part of the stimulus package aimed at family planning. Conservatives wanted to know what family planning has to do with our economy.

This is either totally disingenuous or outright stupid. Unwanted babies are costing us all a fortune on many levels. We have an epidemic of babies having babies and it could stop if we lived in a culture of awareness.

My friend Tom and I were arguing about this last night. He insisted we had the resources to sustain unlimited population growth. I believe we’d be living in Utopia if there were fewer of us.

It’s like the idea that humans couldn’t possibly have an impact on the environment of this great big planet. We actually live in a small bubble of atmosphere. Space is only 60 miles straight up. Think about it.

The woman that just had the octuplets in California already had 6 kids. She lives with her parents and filed for bankruptcy last year. The doctor that gave her fertility treatments should be arrested.

A friend of ours had a condition where her eggs became implanted on her fallopian tubes. It threatened her health but she kept trying. She got fertility treatments and finally had twins. Both the boys have serious problems. It’s heartbreaking and really none of my damn business but I wish we lived in a culture that didn’t make women feel incomplete if they don’t have children.

I’m not saying we should have laws like China but we need to know that reproduction isn’t a mandate from God.

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