Saturday, October 16, 2010

Too Big to Fail

I’m hearing the expression “Too big to fail” in the news again lately. For effect I said we should nationalize the banks a couple of weeks ago. I was hoping it would get a rise out of someone I was itching to have a fight with. Unfortunately, I have so few readers the only person who responded was a friend.

Too big to fail means these banks are part of our economic infrastructure and we only have two options. We nationalize ‘em or break them into smaller pieces.

When the big banks got their bailouts they sat on the money when they were supposed to make loans available to small businesses.

They still won’t give small business loans and our economy is being strangled. Smaller banks are going under too.

The only way jobs can be created is the banks have to make loans.

I’ve been hearing real estate agents on the radio complaining that the banks won’t even lend money to potential home buyers with good credit scores.

The banks say they’re afraid to lend in this economic climate but they know damn well they’re causing it.

I really think they’re doing it to make the Obama administration seem responsible. They don’t want regulation and want corporate backed Republicans in control.

I believe their behavior is treasonous!

The deficit is not responsible for our country’s job loss in spite of what the Republicans are trying to make us believe.

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