Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Rally

My girlfriend Valerie and I were hanging out at our local beer garden when we ran into a painter friend of ours named David Classe. He invited us to sit with him and a few friends. A woman at our table started the conversation with, “You know 911 was an inside job!” She was convinced and presented us with her evidence. The most important being the building fell exactly like demolition experts did the job.

If you’ve been following my blog, you know I have a few conspiracy theories of my own. Not this time.

I said I honestly believed the planes were full of a dirty fuel that clings. I believed the ignited fuel clung to the steel skeletal structure of the buildings, softening them.The buildings collapsed and it looked like a professional job.

She looked me straight in the eyes and said, “Sheep!”

Considering how many times I’ve called the voting public sheep, I thought this was funny as Hell.

My son Dylan has been begging me for weeks to take him to DC for the Jon Stewart Rally to Restore Sanity. There’s no way I could afford it of course. Luckily we had a rally under the Arch with a jumbotron broadcast of the event. Dylan was very happy. He’s growing into a budding young activist and I’m so proud.

When Stewart hit the stage he pointed out the demographic variety of his audience. I think he was trying to distinguish his event from the mostly white, middle aged demographic of the Tea Party rallies. Unfortunately in St. Louis that was exactly our demographic. We had Hispanics, Asians and whites but I counted only two black people. Valerie later told me she counted four.

By all accounts the head count at Stewart’s rally far exceeded Beck’s. It would be nice to believe there was that percentage of reasonable people over the ignorant xenophobes. Stewart himself hates this kind of rhetoric but I’m as angry as the Tea Partiers.

The rally was as excuse to poke fun at Tea Party events. I wish I’d taken photos of the signs, they were great. One read, “I don’t carry signs!”

Near the end two guys in awkwardly fitting suits carried a large banner that read, “911 was an inside job!” They were overtaken by a mob that hid the banner with their signs. It looked disturbingly like censorship.

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