Sunday, August 22, 2010

Where's the Oil part 2

It doesn’t seem to matter if our elected representatives tell us the truth about anything. As long as what they tell us is repeated we accept what they say as fact.

BP and the Obama administration tell us 75% of the gulf oil is gone.

It’s not likely the oil and chemical threat from dispersants are gone so soon and so completely. It seems to me both the Obama Administration and the petroleum industry are in cahoots trying to minimize the disaster.

Friends of mine say. “Nature has a way of taking care of itself.” I agree. If nature perceives human excess as a threat, nature will take care of us.

I’ve heard folks on talk radio point to the sudden disappearance of the oil as some kind of divine intervention.

It smells like a campaign of disinformation.

Too often the Obama Administration has supported big business over public well-being. I’m sure Obama feels our economy might suffer if the truth was told but the gulf’s ecosystem might if it is not. What ever happened to transparency? My girlfriend feels Obama has been exposed to the harsh realities of office and has had to change his point of view. I will not be an apologist for this administration! I don’t think I’m alone in my disappointment.

It's not just Obama and the democrats, of course, republicans are doing everything they can to please the big corporations too.

I can’t understand why BP didn’t use the dispersant VeruSol. According to EPA tests it’s 30 times less toxic than the Corexit they’re using.

The dispersants have kept the oil under the surface so the amount isn’t known anyway. Why are they giving us any kind of estimate at all?

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