Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Boys of Summer

I’ve lost my taste for baseball this year. St. Louis Cardinal Manager Tony Larussa and star hitter Albert Pujols attended the Glenn Beck “Restoring Honor” rally in DC last weekend.

They insisted the rally was apolitical. Tony had already expressed his admiration for Beck. He also recently expressed his support for Arizona’s SB 1070.

To make matters worse Pujols was one of the main contributors to Christian rock station JOY 97.7 which replaced award winning classical station KFUO. KFUO was my mother’s favorite station and was recognized as the nation’s best commercial classical station a couple of years ago.

Glenn Beck is a brand and can never be considered apolitical. He has been whipping up right wing hate and historical revisionism to an ignorant, xenophobic following for fun and profit.

I will be the first to admit what a disappointment Obama has been but saying he has a "deep-seated hatred of white people" is inexcusable.

Painting Hitler as a socialist because NAZI stands for National Socialist German Worker’s Party is his attempt to make all things evil come from the left. It is a lie and his following eats it up. The Nazis and the Fascists were ultra right wing and a response not only to the left but they used minorities as scapegoats just like Beck does.

I see comments on blogs that ask for proof of Beck’s lies.

How hard is it to Google “Beck’s Lies”?

Tony and Albert have a right to go to any rally they want to. I just can’t enjoy the Cardinals this year.

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