Sunday, May 9, 2010


I’ve been noticing disturbing trends in the comments sections of online news articles.

One is sympathy for defenseless corporations that are being hammered by the liberal press. Here are a couple of comments about the BP oil mess in the Gulf of Mexico from Yahoo News.

(BP was just leasing this rig.
BP has put more effort on Solar panels and Wind farms than any other Oil company in the world. Do your research and quit fallowing the press on all there B.S.
And if thy really wanted to stop ALL this oil pumping into the gulf is to detonate a large and very powerful bomb like a hydrogen bomb on the sea floor where it is coming out and it will seal it)

(Again, no real news reporting. Clumsy kids still trying to blame a BIG BAD corporation. Where is government oversight? Where are reports of actual facts about what caused the explosion?) This one kills me because this is from someone who believes government is too intrusive and wants an end to all regulation to begin with!

On June 17, 2009, the Minerals Management Service proposed rules to require oil and gas operators to develop and implement "safety and environmental management systems" for offshore drilling.

BP said the new rules were unnecessary because "the industry's current safety and environmental statistics demonstrate that the voluntary programs ... have been and continue to be very successful."

Here’s just one of many ugly responses to the Arizona anti immigrant bill march my kids and I participated in last weekend……(“ICE should of cordoned off Kiener Plaza and checked the immigration status of everyone there and deported all the illegal mexican aliens! They are criminals and we don't want them living here! they will destroy this country like they did Mexico!!”)

I’ve been reading a lot of remarks to the effect that all the financial and environmental disasters have been created by Commie, Democrats to push a totalitarian agenda. So we can say, “See, I told ya!”

I urge everyone to check out the comments section of news stories. I hope these ignorant, hate filled people are just more vocal. If they’re the majority we’re in serious trouble.


Dorothy said...

Even comments on superficial articles reveal a surprising amount of hatred. We're living in an interesting time; a strange brew of humanity/ politics/ culture we can get glimpses of, with the internet. The world is spinning out of control and we all have front row seats! I know the world has had troubles throughout all time. Still, I think it's coming down.

Mike said...

I surfed here because I can't get Reg "clumsy kids" goofball off my mind. The way the Yahoo comments section works is giving me fits. They are recycling selective comments by deleting some and updating the headline. Hence, replies to Reg's unbelievable comment are visible, but the original clumsy kids comment is not. I suppose I should be grateful that Yahoo brought the comments back at all. I think Reg is a paid lobbyist. I don't think he is alone. I am not a paid lobbyist, just a guy.