Sunday, January 10, 2010


We are going to have to get realistic if we’re going to survive as a country. There’s no denying our government is sick. We have posturing little politicians who have stopped even pretending they represent us. The Senate is a total joke.

The only people with the energy to be outraged are the tea party rednecks. I’m not above name calling. These people are racist, ignorant, and easily manipulated by fear.

They’re convinced that the real evil in the world is big government. What we really have to fear is big banking. We need better government.

I’m not really sure how these people can call themselves patriots and call our government evil at the same time.

The leveraging of derivatives is dangerous and complex and has to be regulated. Bank lobbyists buy off Democrats and Republicans confusing matters every time our representatives try to enact reform.

Reason gets so watered down by the end of the bickering the banks end up with more power and we lose more control.

TARP money tax payers spent was supposed to keep money in the system. Banks were supposed to make small business loans necessary to keep our economy rolling. They sat on the money and they still won’t make loans. Small businesses aren’t what got them in trouble. Getting rid of bad debt in swaps did. Finding ways around current regulations did.

As soon as they realized rules would be imposed on the banks that accepted our money they did everything they could to pay it back.

The big banks are making huge profits right now. They’re playing the world money markets and driving down the value of the dollar in the process.

They only way this country can produce new jobs is through small business lending. The banks won’t do it and they don’t have to.

I submit they’re deliberately killing our economy to get rid of Obama and anyone one else who would try to impose regulations on them. I believe it is treason.

Big Brother is not the government, Big Brother is big money!

Check out this link to a campaign contribution/lobbying chart of TARP recipients.


Dorothy said...

I agree, banking is the culprit, have you read the info at There is a lot of interesting information in the section Tapeworm Economics. Huffington post is also recommending we take our money out of big banks. Put it in small local or credit unions. I'm a fan of voting with dollars! and shutting down switch boards! I wonder if you know the Catholic church is with you on this and the environment Dave!! Had to get that in there! The cost of caring, I guess.

Doggie said...

Yeah, credit unions for banking and credit cards!