Sunday, January 24, 2010

The Filibuster

Whichever party is is control at the moment has always hated the filibuster. Boy do I remember the crowing when Bush II was in. The idea of it was to circumvent the tyranny of the mob; justice for all, every voice should be heard.

All it’s led to for us is the tyranny of Joe Lieberman. We’ve had a Republican run congress with a Democratic majority.

Republicans have united to obstruct instead of even trying to improve conditions for Americans. The fact they have 41 hasn’t changed a thing.

Why can’t we get anything done with a majority? Let’s get real! We don’t have a majority. Joe and the blue dogs have made that quite clear.

I used to think if we let Republicans run things for a while the voters would see what’s going on and things would change. I thought that was what Obama’s election was all about.

War, economic collapse (brought on by the legacy of Reagan), and now a Supreme Court that went to great pains to make sure liberal nominees respected stare decisis or precedent, but just handed corporations “individual citizen campaign contribution status” hasn’t been enough to convince the American voting public how reckless their actions can be.

Wow, check out the length of that sentence.

I suggest we hand Republicans the whole ball of wax, try to restrain ourselves from filibustering their next ridiculous proposal, and end the practice of filibustering once and for all.

Filibusters have been used for evil purposes anyway. Most notably by southern senators against civil rights legislation.

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