Sunday, December 6, 2009


Democrats have been a big disappointment to me lately. We have a chance to fix a lot of problems but we’re blowing it.

So many of our “representatives” have their hands in the pockets of big money. It amazes me that the right has been able to put the socialism spin on anything for “the people”. I can’t understand why the Fascism that’s being pushed isn’t exposed.

The Blue Dogs are killing anything constructive. The weak and even bad policies they are compromising with are just going to allow the right to say, “see, told you it wouldn’t work.”

I don’t really have to be specific, it’s in almost every issue. I think we got more done when the right was in power. Even though we have to suffer through unprovoked wars, the mentally ill put out in the streets, greed run rampant, a destroyed economy, and a scorched earth. It’s easy to point out evil when your nose is shoved in it.

It’s hard to be rational. Why is reason so elusive?

The left has to learn how advertising works. We have to accept that people’s opinions have to be manipulated if we want a better world. I’m joking of course. These people obviously don’t want a better world.

I know I’m ranting. I was at a great party last night. I do my best not to bring up religion or politics but everyone insisted. No two people thought anyone else had a clue what political reality was. Somehow we were all rational and enjoyed each other’s company.

I guess it can be done.

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