Sunday, December 13, 2009


I was very young when I learned religion was a tool used to organize and manipulate people. I also noticed thinking was portrayed in popular culture as the pastime of social misfits.

The image of television’s A Team comes to mind. There were three heroes; the swashbuckling leading man, the brutish, mohawked, bling clad black giant, and the little broken glasses wearing, pocket pencil protected, skinny little guy with bad hair (the nerd). He was the smart one that always got them out of trouble. He was also the comic relief.

I realize these were icons of the disco, cocaine sniffing, Me generation. That whole trip did eventually go out of fashion, but these characters are still used to play on the instincts of a gullible American consumer public.

The bad guys have gotten much more sophisticated and the numbers of people who find it too taxing to think have grown exponentially.

History is rewritten every time someone uses it to sell a point of view and our press won’t call them on it. I wonder if maybe they’re so entrenched in it they’ve become accomplices.

People are proud to admit they have a point of view even when they won’t do any background research. I am personally embarrassed when I’m not well informed about an important issue.

I was pointing out, what seem to be, irrational elements of Christianity to a friend of mine. She angrily snapped back, “Why do you think they call it faith?” There will be no discussion of time honored beliefs.

I’ve been criticized for my lack of values. Providing shelter and stability for my family and me should be the only important pursuits in life. Everything else is selfish.

Life really is short. It sounds petty, but we should follow our dreams (....long as you don’t hurt me or some other innocent person). We have to push past survival and make something of our little bit of time.

Just when I'm in totally despairing the hopelessness of the human cause, I take a look around me. Most people are just noise but there have been incredible achievements.

Just a tiny fraction of the population has surrounded us with incredible technology, art, philosophy and compassion. It’s here for all of us.

Don’t let the fear mongers scare you with words like SOCIALISM. The National Socialist Party were not socialists! The Union of Soviet Socialist Republic were not a real republic. True democracy would be mob rule and every culture that called themselves a democracy had a ruling elite, usually with slaves.

I’m rambling as usual and I might seem to be contradicting myself but we need to take back the word social. We are a week species and we never would have survived our early years if we didn’t band together to defend ourselves and to hunt. We are like dogs in that respect. We need each other but we have to think for ourselves.

We have to foster a society where thinking is hip.


Anonymous said...

It often amazes me how people equally intelligent and sincere come to such vastly different conclusions from the scenes they observe. Really, unless you are watching from a much grander observation point all we see is but a part of a bigger picture that is playing out in time and space. I understand the need to question many aspects of religion. Aspects that may not be observable, but that alone doesn't make them untrue. One thing I completely believed as a young child, and which was not taught to me, was that I was meant to be here, that I was necessary. No matter how I've messed up my own and others lives, at times, that strong belief has not left me. In fact, it has at times been frightening and painful. All my philosophical searching since then has been to find out why. Children should be taught to always ask why (and most need no encouragement!!) The best conversations are philosophical ones, in my opinion. Dede

Doggie said...

I think George Harrison said it with "Life goes on within you and without you" The great tragedy of life is death. That also makes life that much more fragile and beautiful. We have to see the beauty and stop wasting time with silly distractions. We can have it all. I wouldn't have the arrogance to presume I belong here. I do appreciate it though! What is what you make it.

Doggie said...

I'm sorry Dede, that sounded really mean. I think you must have hit a nerve.

Anonymous said...

Dave, George Harrison DID say it well. No offense taken, we all have nerves (no feelings without them!) Thanks for acknowledging them. And to clarify, I believe that everyone and everything here is necessary, including things and people we would rather not have to deal with. And you're right, the death of loved ones is the worst thing about life, and life afterwards is so changed. When it happens you KNOW your world has changed. It has a different landscape. I can tell from your writings that you care very much about this world and the people in it, and you seem like a really great Dad. Dede