Sunday, August 30, 2009

Kiss and Tell

I wasn’t a big Clinton supporter. He was better than the alternative but he was a corporate puppet like most politicians. I think he helped us get into our current situation. In my opinion Reagan started all of this with his deregulation policies. Republicans will insist there was a lot of oversight during his administration but he made sure regulators were too weak to catch, let alone do anything about abuses.

My skin crawls when I hear people talking about what a great president he was.

I remember Ted Kennedy getting together with Danforth (a Republican) to reverse Reagan’s anti compassion policies. I’m not going into detail but it’s easy to research. The real reason for this entry is hypocrisy.

Obama is inconvenienced with talk of accountability in the previous administration. I’m not looking for revenge. The abuses have to be exposed and there has to be accountability if were ever to stop them from happening again.

There are still people who think Clinton should have been kicked out for lying to Congress about his sexual indiscretions.

I believe these are the same people who want to keep big government out of their Medicare.

I don’t care how high the court is. If they pry into my sex life I’m going to lie.

I like the way Gore Vidal put it, “a southern gentleman never tells.”

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