Saturday, May 2, 2009

Don't Pick Your Nose

I suspect 90% of colds and flu are caused by sticking your finger in your nose. My nose runs all the time. I involuntarily wipe the back of my hand across my nose a lot.

It does seem like we’re overreacting to the H1N1 A outbreak. If you consider 36,000 people die every year from the usual strains of flu and only 150 have died from this one. All but one occurred in Mexico. It turns out most of these were symptomatic pneumonia deaths and could have been the second wave of their regular flu cycle.

The authorities are afraid of this one because it’s entirely new and they’re not sure how it will mutate.

For evolution skeptics you might consider viral mutation as part of the mountain of evidence. (Had to get that in)

I’m not sure why it’s called swine flu. It has an Asian pig, an American pig, an avian and a human gene.

Egypt is slaughtering its entire pig population (250,000). Egypt pays non Muslim Christians to use pigs for garbage disposal. The country already has sanitation problems. Without the pigs it’s really going to be a mess. Apparently Muslims can’t even touch the filthy beasts. I’m ignorant about this. If anyone knows about this rule could you explain it to me? I’m hopelessly perplexed by religious practices.

This flu is being spread by humans, not pigs!


Anonymous said...

i once read that the british used muslim indian soldiers in india to fight the hindu population and they found out that the packets of gunpowder for their muskets were sealed with porkfat and went insane! apparently that is the deal,no muslim may touch such a filthy beast as a swine, i have had people explain to me how nasty pigs are, and got to where i didnt eat pork at all at one time in my life, but those days are over now, ham and bacon just taste good! you are a vegetarian arent you? Geo

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