Saturday, March 28, 2009


A report issued by the Missouri Information Analysis Center linking people with ideologies based on “Christian” views that oppose illegal immigration, abortion and federal taxes to militia groups has angered conservatives across the country.

The report was intended to help state troopers identify militia extremists. It also warned to watch for 3rd party political candidate bumper stickers.

Police were instructed to look for Americans who were concerned about unemployment, taxes, illegal immigration, gangs, border security, abortion, high costs of living, gun restrictions, FEMA, the IRS, The Federal Reserve and the North American Union/SPP/North American Community. Domestic terrorists might like gun shows, short wave radios, combat movies, movies with white male heroes, Tom Clancey Novels, and Presidential Candidates Ron Paul, Bob Barr, and Chuck Baldwin!

Chief James Keathley of the Missouri State Patrol issued a statement that the release of the report prompted him to "take a hard look" at the procedures through which the report was released by the MIAC.

"For that reason, I have ordered the MIAC to permanently cease distribution of the militia report. Further, I am creating a new process for oversight of reports drafted by the MIAC that will require leaders of the Missouri State Highway Patrol and the Department of Public Safety to review the content of these reports before they are shared with law enforcement. My office will also undertake a review of the origin of the report by MIAC," he ordered.

I know I’m being snarky but I hope they find their sources were entirely credible. When you take the current conservative philosophy to its conclusion you end up with this kind of extremism. What these xenophobes want is religious, social, corporate and military tyranny with no taxes.

You have to admit this whole brouhaha is pretty funny.

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