Sunday, March 29, 2009


I know my posts have been more partisan and less fun to read. I’ve been pointing out the right’s use of the word Socialism a lot. I have to admit it’s my angry gut reaction to what I perceive as fear mongering. Like my friend Tony says, “nobody reads these anyway!”

When the republicans warn of big government and Socialism what they’re trying to scare us with is Stalinism. I doubt the youngsters that vote today have any idea what that is. If they had any sense of history would George 2 have been voted in twice?

The republicans have been bashing Roosevelt about his economic recovery programs. They say the populist reaction was for us to become a socialist state. Popular involvement in government is not Stalinism. It’s the opposite. I contend that the public were not launching an idealistic response to economic disaster. They were getting involved. It was Democracy in action.

I also contend the world's most efficient kind of Capitalism today is practiced in China.

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