Saturday, December 6, 2008

Proposition 8 in California

Last week 70% of black voters in California voted for Proposition 8. Gay marriage is illegal in California again. I heard an interview with a black lesbian who said she was torn between 2 loyalties. She blamed white gays for not courting the black vote. Their vote was taken for granted because white gays thought it was a civil rights issue. The woman was making the case that to black people in California it wasn’t a civil rights issue but a religious and moral one.

I’m incredibly frustrated with this narrow minded view. What this means to me is the majority of black voters in California want to legislate religion. Put their morality views into law. This is not only illegal but immoral.

If you want to live by a certain ethical code that’s fine, but I might happen to disagree with it. That’s why religion is kept out of government in our country.

For me this is personally frustrating because I see religion as superstition. If you don’t follow God’s laws and don’t believe, you’ll be condemned to eternal hellfire and damnation because of HIS infinite love and compassion. It makes heaven sound like Hell to me.

Could God be vengeful? Does God have self worth issues?

The only people more hated and feared in our country than gays are atheists.

Gay marriage is a civil rights issue and the black voters of California should be ashamed of themselves for not seeing it. The people they voted against were on their side during the civil rights movement. We all want justice!

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...Sharon said...

Oh there's been bouts of vengeance and clearly issues with self worth... after all, didn't God create man from his own image? Then totally lost his cool when he found out Adam and Eve hooked up with that Tree of Knowledge. That's when he started throwing those curses around.

So where does God go for therapy?