Saturday, December 13, 2008

Culture of Corruption

Something smells fishy to me with the Blagojevich scandal. This whole story seems tailored for the American voting public, the same thoughtful crowd that voted for Bush twice. It seems too blatant.

How could a man, knowing his staff was already under surveillance, and under suspicion himself, say the things he did on the phone?

My 14 year old son summed it up perfectly. He said, basically Blagojevich is part of a very large culture of corruption. He must not have played by the rules so they took him down. I’m very proud of his cynicism.

This man shook down a children’s hospital! Crooked politicians are supposed to donate turkeys and make sure the photographers are around to shoot it.

I’ve already heard the predictable opinions of local radio personalities. “You can connect the dots to Obama!” These kind of people are still in court trying to prove Barack isn’t a legal U.S. citizen.

I used to think only republicans were corrupt. After all, their philosophy is based on money. Then they find $90,000 in democratic congressman Bill Jefferson’s freezer. I used to hide my drugs there!

Blagojevich’s exposure is so sudden and so damning, it seems obvious there’s something much larger were not privy to.

I think what ever the current flavor, right or left, opportunists will belong to that party. Power corrupts and corruption will seek out power.

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