Saturday, November 1, 2008


It’s obvious to me that the reason people hold different political points of view comes down to personal philosophy. I have friends on the right that tell me my opinion that Republicans are the party of greed and intolerance is too simplistic. They don’t really disagree with me though.

This post came to me because of an incident I experienced in the county a few years ago. We were taking our kids trick or treating and passed a house with a Democrat yard sign. One of the dads muttered, “Asshole.” I said I had always thought of the Republicans as the party of greed, sexism, and racism. His response was, “So?!!”

I hear them say they’re the party of Lincoln. The Republican Party in those days was the party of the left. Social and economic conservatives would never have done away with slavery and they know it. They never would have rebelled against King George either.

I love to hear social conservatives talk about how religious our founding fathers were and what their intention for our government was. Franklin was atheist and a lot of the others were deists.

A deist is someone who believes in God but believes God already has it all mapped out. There is no petitioning through prayer. They were against churches. This was the “Age of Enlightenment” a time for reason.

I don’t believe social conservatives are aware the line “Under God” in our pledge of allegiance was added during the “Red Scare” McCarthy era in the 50s.

I was listening to NPR (lefty that I am) the other day. They had the Saturday Night Live writer that wrote most of the Palin skits. When Palin actually showed up he was asked if it was hard to clear his material with her handlers.

He said the Republicans always gave them free reign with their jokes but the Democrats scrutinized every word.

I was a little surprised by this. He was asked why he thought that was. He said if the Democrats stumbled in any way the Republicans would use it against them mercilessly. If the Republicans did the Democrats would let it slide and the Republicans knew this.

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...Sharon said...

The republican party is inbreeding themselves into a huge slimy monster. I recently became deeply depressed with reading all the blind hatred being posted online. Since it's all anonymous, it's like a massive feeding frenzy of white-hooded comments using their computers as torches and ropes. And they LOVE Sarah Palin.

Ya know the KKK actually has a website. My daughter fears I'm on a list now as I spent time there once - in shock and awe.