Saturday, November 22, 2008

I Have To Wonder

When I hear anyone talk about legislating family values or their belief in a strong military I have to wonder. These are the same folks that talk about small government and low taxes.

What is it that motivates people to be reckless about military spending but want Uncle Sam’s nose out of their personal business? It seems obvious to me these people have been motivated by fear, greed, or any base instinct that will gain support.

First of all, if we want infrastructure (roads, cops, education, parks, HEALTH CARE) we have to pay taxes. The trick is to be smart about how we use the money and not impose too much burden on citizens.

We humans are a weak species. Our intellect made it clear our survival depended on our banding together. Loners starved or were picked off by stronger predators. Just like dogs. Of course there will always be the irrational element so we have to make rules or laws.

This brings me to corporate deregulation. There are those in government that tell us we should leave the corporations alone. They’re feeding the rest of us.

If you believe in corporate deregulation you must also believe we don’t need laws. We should understand an entity whose sole purpose is the acquisition of wealth and power is looking out for our best interests.

When folks get angry with bleeding heart liberals who want to help parasitic, unemployed single moms they have to realize it’s a symptom of the socialization of our species. It’s necessary for our survival as a whole. 

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