Tuesday, October 21, 2008

3000 for McCain

3000 people showed up at New Town in St. Charles for McCain. If you haven't been there you should drive through. It's a frightening place. Reminiscent of "The Village" in the Prisoner TV series. A self contained surreal community and probably a bastion of republicanism.
Blunt is already saying the 100,000 that showed up for Obama under the Arch was an over estimate.
McCain is still alluding to Obama's link to William Ayers. It blows my mind that he would do this considering his link to Charles Keating where McCain was actually implicated. The republicans have always had balls in this regard. This link is also illuminating when you think about McCain's deregulation and trickle down theories. 
Greed will not police itself! Flood up and trickle down doesn't work for most of us.
I encourage everyone to do their Google homework on McCain's link to Charles Keating.

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