Saturday, October 4, 2008

Detective Work

My friend Sharon has been trying to understand the psychology of republicans. She's been going to republican blogs and posing as one of them so she could have a rational conversation. The polarization of the 2 parties is becoming so strong and defined that I'm not sure there's any way to resolve our differences short of forming 2 separate countries. Check out her comments at this blog. She's Buffalo'd Cody

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...Sharon said...

Commenting on right wing blogs is really interesting. Going in as a democrat doesn't work - they just blow you off, but they will communicate with republicans. And that's my objective - communicate. Make them think and explain and this may create doubt.

I had become frustrated that all my political discussions and news sources being with liberals. We're preaching to the choir here. I don't see how effective walking around and "Knocking on Doors for Obama" is either but then realized there are open "Windows" all over the land (yeah, pun intended). I figure that my commenting on right-winged blogs may sway even one person which is better than none.

So stop reading David's blogs for now and go visit the other side. Join in a convo but be gentle, they bruise easily. One blogger already deleted my comments as I posed the question - "But what will we do with 2 women in charge of our country should McCain die in office?!!"

My recent line is "Hey, it's only for four years..."

(Oh, I use my other email address - the one the junk email goes to cause I doubt I keep any of these friends for long - some are really very scary people)