Sunday, September 26, 2010

Obama's Civility Doesn't Work

For some reason voters have gotten it in their heads that our growing deficit is the reason there are no jobs. We all know when the Democrats buckled to the Republican demand to focus on the deficit in 1937 it plunged us right back into the depression just as we were pulling out of it.

Our deficit needs to be corrected on a systemic level but not during an economic downturn. We need to focus on jobs first to create any possibility of paying down our debt.

We’ll never generate jobs as long as the banks keep sitting on the trillions of dollars they’re deliberately keeping out of circulation. Everyone keeps telling me I’m a conspiracy theorist but it seems obvious the banks want to keep Obama from implementing regulations.

I can just see it now. Republicans regain control, deregulate banks, banks start loaning their money out and Republicans say, “See, told you free market is the only way!” We’ll be making a deal with the devil.

I say, “Nationalize the banks!” Let’s give these right wing idiots some real Socialism to worry about!

Bush’s tax cuts added incredibly to the debt and didn’t create a single job yet extending and even adding more cuts are the Republican answer for recovery.

Democrats have shown they don’t have the spines to stand up to any of the Republicans' ridiculous ideas.

There are Republicans who still insist we privatize Social Security. If we had done that when Bush wanted us to, everyone would have lost their life savings.

Let’s get real. The Democrats say not extending tax cuts to the rich will generate 700 billion dollars. What they’re not saying is not extending them to the middle class would generate 3 trillion dollars. Even if we let the tax cuts lapse we would be at historically low tax rates. Look it up.

Democrats had a chance to really improve our quality of life, but they proved they couldn’t stick together when things got rough. They don’t deserve control. The Tea Party idiots are going to totally destroy our American way of life, and we deserve it. I am not above name calling. Obama’s civility doesn’t work.


Anonymous said...

Nationalize the banks? I'm not familiar with anything the government does better than private companies do. Nationalizing things isn't working well for Hugo Chavez. Nationalizing anything in the U.S. just means more federal employees and more pensions to be paid not by savings but by our children's tax dollars.

You're right, privatizing social security would have resulted in a near term loss of savings. With the current system, there are no savings at all. Social Security is paid directly from tax dollars. As the boomers retire, there are not enough tax payers to fund the system and the system collapses.

You keep referring to Republicans and Tea Party members as idiots. While I may think many individuals that are a member of a group have idiotic opinions, or that the group itself has an idiotic platform, it's quite a leap to apply a label of idiot to an entire group.

Most of the Republicans and Tea Party people I know are just hard working people who are looking at all their money being taken away and squandered by our Government. They are seeing elected officials drawing high salaries and enjoying huge benefits and not accomplishing anything at all in Washington because of crazy partisan gridlock. That's not idiotic, that's justifiable anger.


Doggie said...

Yes Nationalize them! The grip they have on us now has to be dealt with. Social Security would be fine right now if they would have left the money alone. There's plenty of money there! Most of the anger I see in the Tea Party is manipulation of fear and xenophobia by outside forces. Look at the Koch brothers. I'm angry too. They're idiots!

Doggie said...

I was kidding about Nationalizing the banks, I said it for shock value because of the irrational fear Tea Party people have of Socialism. It breaks my heart that they not seeing the Fascism they've become accomplices to. On second thought, nationalize 'em!!!!