Thursday, June 17, 2010

Sleepless in St. Louis

I couldn’t post last weekend. I’m overwhelmed by the mess we’re in and just about to give up. Obama is a total disappointment.

I listen to the rhetoric that’s been spoon fed to Astroturf roots organizations by corporations and I want to cry.

They believe publicly funded cops, firemen, roads, education and healthcare are socialism but not defense or corporate welfare for some reason.

I see too many comments in internet news that snark sarcastically about the left bashing “big bad corporations!” “How can we possibly blame them?”

They’re incredibly destructive and need to be controlled. The gulf oil spoil is just one obvious example.

The Minerals Management Service was made up of Bush cronies and insiders who had no intention of regulating the industry. In some cases they were literally in bed with oil company executives.

Obama knew it and deferred to them anyway. He seems to either fear or work for them.

His history with the corporations is maddening. It’s not pragmatism, it’s stupidity.

I first became painfully aware of his corporate complicity with the credit card industry overhaul. He wouldn’t even consider a cap on interest rates. The poor credit card companies can’t make their obscene profits charging late and hidden fees. What can they do but raise interest rates? I pay my cards on time, yet 2 of them are charging 30% interest. My cards are nearly maxed so I’m a bad risk. Making them harder to pay will certainly make me a better risk.

Letting big money control the argument about healthcare was inexcusable. He went to the insurance companies first and of course they didn’t like the idea of public health. They love mandatory coverage though. Next thing you know single payer is off the table and the marching morons are yelling socialism! Not to mention we got a weak bill the right can justifiably point out won’t work. “It’s a first step” is a ridiculous argument.

His bank bailouts came without strings attached so the banks have gone right back to their reckless practices. Not to mention congress’ dismantling of the whole stimulus process.

As far as message goes, why hasn’t Obama pointed out TARP was Bush’s baby. Why hasn’t he stressed the weak health bill we settled for was written by Newt Gingrich and Bob Dole as a response to HillaryCare.

The lunatics have taken over the asylum.

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