Saturday, April 10, 2010

Troubling Times

We are living in very troubling times. When I hear anyone using the word Socialist these days, I pictures strings being manipulated by Corporate America. These people have no idea what socialism is and have absolutely no knowledge of history.

When the Supreme Court decided Corporations could make unrestrained political contributions the argument was they had the same right to freedom of speech as the rest of us. I beg to differ.

Not only are they not human individuals without even the right to vote, but their access to money give individuals less access to our freedom of speech. Money talks in America and now my voice will go almost unheard.

They’ve already got the mindless masses marching to their tune. I doubt the Tea Party even understands what Astroturf means.

These people don’t believe in evolution, human influenced climate change or the idea that government is all of us. We have a right to health care, education, cops, firemen, roads, and the pursuit of happiness. Because we’re civilized!!!

A Tea Party person I know was asking why I hated Republicans so much. I said they were the party of greed and xenophobia. He asked me what was wrong with greed. (I don’t think he knew what xenophobia was.)

I’d have to say any time anyone is robbed greed has something to do with it. At its most simple that’s what’s wrong with greed. Multiply that times the complexities of human experience and most of us end up screwed!

We already have a right leaning Supreme Court so I was happy to hear John Stevens decided to retire early enough for Obama to pick his replacement. The party of no will bog down the process until after elections. It probably doesn’t matter. Obama will probably find someone to the right of Robert Bork anyway. I believe he's too much of a coward to put up a fight.

I can’t believe the press is letting the Right get away with calling him a Socialist, Commie, fag. His approach to war, big business, and social issues is right out of the Republican play book. What would they do to a real lefty?

Probably nothing if he was white.


Michael Kirsch, M.D. said...

Thanks for plugging my blog. Do you think that government extracting higher and higher amounts of our income is also a form of greed? Is greed in the eye of the beholder?

Doggie said...

I think there will always be problems when too many people are involved. We have to fix the problems. We are the government. The real evil is the strangle hold the corporations have on us, left and right. I think Ron Paul is a nut but I couldn't agree with him more about Obama being a Corporatist. I even hear people on talk radio defending the corporations as if they were the victims. Ike tried to warn us.