Sunday, November 15, 2009

Marching For The Lord

I drove by Planned Parenthood the other day. The usual group of protesters were marching with their “Pray To End Abortions” signs and bloody fetus photos. I am often compelled to ask them if they teach contraception. If they don’t, they’re part of the reason abortions happen.

I’m compelled but I don’t. These people scare me. Remember the good Reverend Donald Spitz commenting on my vegetarian post? He was appalled that I would consider abortion clinic bombers anywhere near as evil as The PETA twits that throw paint on fur coats. He asked me to bow and pray with him to ask the Lord’s forgiveness.

My friend ‘Drea had her car keyed. Someone ran a long scratch down the length of her car because she had a bumper sticker that read “It’s a Choice, Not a Child.”

Pro Choice advocates don’t act this way. Rational people don’t act this way!

If your dogma doesn’t allow you to consider the termination of life before consciousness or the ability to experience pain just remember, it’s none of your Damn business!

No one wants abortions to happen. Let’s get real about education and maybe we can actually bring the numbers down.

If you want to end abortions, you should support Planned Parenthood.